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Confessions of an College or university Advisor -- Just what I Learned all about the actual Large Charge SEATED Preparation Globe.

Mass Planner Review  Earlier this month I traveled to New York because I'm opening a division office there. I'd occasion to speak to two successful SAT tutors/instructors about many different subjects related to the SAT, the College Board (who administers the SAT) and parents. I thought I'd share some of that info in this article.

First, in the event that you or your youngster is really a Junior or going to become a Junior and not taking at the very least at online SAT course, you're behind the eight ball. Here's why. Assuming your home is in a affluent or upper-middle class area, your SAT (and ACT) scores are graded differently than in the event that you lived in a less desirable neighborhood. How?

Because college admissions officers will believe that you've prepared for the test because you're likely to possess enrolled in a SAT prep course - like Kaplan or Princeton Review - or hired a tutor. Even although you haven't!

Quite simply, kids from less affluent areas who don't score as highly might have their scores "grossed up" to be on par with students likely to possess taken SAT preparation classes. So an inner city student who cracks 1100 might be as impressive as a higher schooler from Long Island with a 1400.

Now, say what you will in regards to the SAT and other standardized tests - the very fact remains they are critically important to admissions officers - although they're flawed.

The following thing I learned is how much money parents in affluent areas will devote to college prep. Granted, Long Island is not quite Boise, but it is similar to pockets of Miami, Boca Raton, Newton, Mass. (my hometown), the North side of Chicago, parts of L.A. and other affluent areas round the country.