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Some Basic SEO Questions You Might Ask

SEO is something new for most people just starting out online. Most business owners know that a website is necessary both for marketing and to go along with the trend. Below are a few common questions I hear over and over again, whether from clients or on forums where people discuss about SEO for their new websites.

'Can I just create my website for now and you take care of SEO later?'
This might be one of the most common questions we hear. On-site SEO is required during the creation of the website. This includes heading tags, alt tags for images, url rewriting and so on. These might be more complicated to change once the website is ready, better start your SEO campaign the earliest possible.
'My website is online since a few days, why it's not on Google yet?'
This is normal, Google has not found it yet and does not know that your website exists. You can submit your website and wait for Google crawlers to come; or get your friends to link to your website. By building links to your website, search engines will find it easily.
'I have used my main keyword everywhere on my pages, why is my website not in top 10?'
Using keywords various times on a webpage does not necessarily mean you will rank well else, everyone would have done the same thing. In fact this technique is known as keyword stuffing and is not advised by major search engines. Overuse of keywords can make your website look like it has been spammed which will result in lower rankings or no rankings at all.
'I had an offer for submissions to 10k search engines for $5, will this help getting my website in top 10?'
Do you really think there are so many search engines out there that you should be ranking on? Also submitting to search engines is usually not necessary, once your website is found via backlinks, your content will be indexed easily. It is best to avoid these types of submissions; you never know where your website will be submitted to or associated with.
Like these, there are many other basic SEO questions you might be asking yourself concerning the ranking of your websites. it is important to have all your questions replied rather than trying any SEO tricks on your website that might be harmful for the ranking of the latter.