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Things To Immediately Do About Acheter Des Fans Facebook

Social media marketing marketing has  acheter des likes changed dramatically over the past 2 yrs, especially throughout the last year. Marketing on Facebook has changed almost completely throughout that time.

Prior to the a year ago, you can market your product or service on Facebook in several different ways. For example, you can create a personal profile on your own, get a lot of Facebook friends, then distribute messages in your profile that marketed your business. This is effective particularly for small businesses with an individual at the helm who had been a specialist or opinion leader in their area.

Or you can build a Facebook fan page, develop a lot of fans, then put out regular marketing messages to those people.

The concept with either of these approaches was to place out interesting material and build engagement with your band of friends or fans.

Facebook didn't want people to promote themselves with a personal profile, for reasons which will become apparent in a minute. I preferred this process with my clients up until recently because it had been much easier to get a lot of Facebook friends on a personal profile, than to get thousands of "likes" for a supporter page. But you can still market using a personal profile successfully up to the final year, and in some limited cases you are able to still take action today.


Observe that these two approaches above were essentially free, i.e. you did not have to pay anything to Facebook.

The Changes

Several significant changes by Facebook have completely changed how you can market on the site.

1. They created a brand new policy that you cannot propose being a Facebook friend to anyone if you don't know them personally. To the amount they can enforce this, it completely eliminates the likelihood of utilizing a personal profile to promote on Facebook, if you don't eventually curently have thousands of friends (their limit is 5,000 friends for a personal profile). You might say "What exactly, Facebook doesn't want you to make use of personal profiles to promote anyway?" But patience little one, the plot thickens.


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