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Considering that the dawn of civilization, the youngsters of Adam and Eve have had the art of developing relations. Right from individuals to the nations, the significance to be interlinked and connected has been deeply understood. We, the human beings, are truly'the social animals '. Undoubtedly, change is inevitable. From tribal men to Cyber Souls, lots of things including cultures, religions, choices of dresses and foods, means of living and the communication skills have been changed so far. Nothing in the world remains constant, but only the change itself. Individuals along with nations have their own needs and interests. From the consumer to producer, the world of needs and interests need to be well protected and well promoted. The best way to be much more civilized will be more advanced in public areas relations.
Public Relations (PR) is a kind of''promotion designed to create goodwill for an individual or institution.' '(Word Net Web) Like all other fields, the www pr in addition has digitalized Public Relations. Just with some electronic clicks, the relations are receiving worst using one hand; and the most effective on the other. In present era once the scenarios are changing so rapidly, the field of Public Relations in addition has become very fast. Such speedy competitive environment, it has become challenging both for the persons and the organizations to keep their goodwill just how it is meant to be. No matter what it will take to create the image, efforts are increasingly being made; policies are increasingly being drafted. Gone are the days once we had plenty of time to create our image. Now, it's happening in micro seconds and beyond. The process of image building will be painted on the canvass of tiny bits and megabytes.
The inhabitants of'Global Village'are sharing their views and news online. The impact to be online for an objective remains afresh at offline mode. The relations are increasingly being created and destroyed with a furious speed. It becomes hard, sometimes, to decelerate the ongoing means of public relations. It's worth mentioning that speed, for some persons and institutions, is exploring new vistas both in productive and non-productive way. It is dependent upon the'Men behind the Gun'i.e. the Public Relation Officers to combat the speed with a large hope to cope it professionally. Those persons, institutions and organizations, who've planned their public relation programs well, shall proudly survive in the years to come. On another hand, those who find themselves unaware of the'Need for Speed, to tailor their relations'shall be left behind helpless and miserable.
Having learnt a couple of precious lessons from World War I and II, the advanced countries have become teachers and preachers for having public relations among all governments. Without having defined the boundaries and limits of future relations, the persons along with nations suffer a lot. Surely, we cannot afford another war of such a terrible level of destructions. Any single clash might lead the nations in to a catastrophic situation once again. The Global Image Building of Mankind is all that we need.
Regardless of the nature of relationship is, a very important factor remains common i.e. seeking attention. It is vital in the relations our status be set as'available'most of the time. Any type of sheer carelessness would spoil the beauty and pollute the ponds of mutual understanding. Consequently, the devastating elements would crush the innocence of constructive thoughts. Here is the lesson that we learnt from World War II.
Individuals depart and nations fight when certain issues remain un-attended when they certainly were demanding'Intensive Care '. Something loses its image or even advertised attentively. A driver may crash the car being unaware of the intensity of attention that is needed on the road. Likewise, public relations professionals need to find out the ingredients needed to cook the foodstuff of marvelous taste. In terms of professionalism, you can find three things obligatory in hitting the prospective accurately:
- First, we need to point the gun in the right direction;
- Secondly, we need to control the rate of breaths; and
- Finally we need to hit the prospective with a confidence of hitting it accurately.
Same is the case in public areas relations. In public relations, the story starts from a mission statement; it becomes a mission; the mission is accomplished. More expert the professionals, better people relations. All we need to do is to value the values of without any criminal intention but a gesture of friendly attention. Products or producers, consumptions or consumers and above all; living souls or life itself demand for the advocacy and propagation of Global Public Relations all all over the world so the human civilization could be manufactured exemplary for all other creatures, seen or un-seen.
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