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The Bro Garw Heritage Regeneration Trust is a small movement of men and women trying to find positive change within their local community, initiated in the Garw Valley of South Wales. Their focus is on regeneration: to greatly help maintain and build on the positive facets of the local area.
Bro Garw believes that the key to reinvigorate the location, and create solid regeneration, is through the heritage and history of the Garw. If your local community remembers and respects its unique heritage and history, it offers a strong foundation for continued development to maintaining that area. Another key factor in continued develop is active citizenship, which means that local residents getting actively associated with generating and sometimes delivering new ideas.
Currently, much of the physical heritage of the Garw Valley is becoming forgotten. As an example, lots of the shops along Oxford Street (in Pontycymer) have gradually closed over time with some buildings becoming run down.
Town has additionally seen empty, unattractive buildings without use, such as the old soldier factory.
The Garw used to be a main community hub of places to look, eat and drink, and generally to socialise, and we can learn from other communities experiences that a small grouping of persistent and keen local people can make that a possibility again.
Local residents are proud of the environment which includes experienced transformation via an excellent reclamation scheme that moved the spoil left from the coal mines that when operated there. Local people are in possession of usage of mountain walks, regenera activa biking tracks, lakes and waterfalls. However, without continual development, the surroundings will deteriorate. As council cutbacks take hold, the people of the Garw Valley are taking on the task, and taking responsibility for their particular community.
The Bro Garw Heritage Regeneration Trust is looking to help local residents to keep up and improve the location creating positive impacts. They wish to generate good ideas from locals who want to make the difference within their community.
A great many other towns, cities and villages have experienced regeneration in the united states, and even worldwide. It is possible to recreate a thriving local economy and bring wealth back into a residential area that needs it, particularly if a residential area works together to make this happen regeneration.
The Bro Garw Heritage Regeneration Trust includes a board of members, who live locally and desire to subscribe to the positive change and regeneration of the area. This change has been initiated recently, and they're still in the early stages of creating the difference needed. Presently, Bro Garw have now been utilising an on the web platform and digital ideas and rating tool, VocalEyes, to kickstart the generation of new ideas.
They've a group on VocalEyes, which allows people from the local community and Garw Valley area to contribute new ideas, along with to rate other peoples'thoughts. It is easy for local residents to join the platform; all you want to accomplish is register having an email address and chosen password. Then locals may have full usage of the VocalEyes platform, and particularly to the internet Bro Garw community.
Through this VocalEyes ideas-generating platform, the Bro Garw Heritage Regeneration Trust intends to get the top rated ideas from local residents - to learn the easiest way that people believe transformation can be accomplished in the area. Then, when local residents have nominated the distinct, top idea, the Trust intends to take this idea on and ensure it is happen in the local area.
The key goal of the Bro Garw is to kickstart positive change, starting one idea at a time. Once the very best rated idea has been accomplished, and has achieved improvement in the Garw Valley, they will proceed to the next highly rated idea... and so on. There are lots of devoted people that want to see change happen, and will assist you to initiate it.
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