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This past year I kept planning to my doctor complaining about an awful fishy vaginal odor that I used to suffer from. My doctor advised that it's was no big deal and the majority of women suffer from vaginal infections which cause this odor. She advised me to use medicated douches which never worked. For pretty much a year the vaginal smell stayed with me wherever I went.
I scouted on the web to learn more about this problem. What I found was that there are numerous vaginal infections which could cause unpleasant smell. Candida vaginitis, causes inflammation of the vagina alongwith heavy white discharge. Trichomonas vaginitis is another infection characterized by a heavy discharge and an unbearable odor. There are certain vaginal odor natural cures which are quite effective in providing rest from this problem.
Here will be the vaginal odor natural cures which I made utilization of to remove my smell
a) I made utilization of garlic for vaginal application. I used to simply push a garlic clove in the vagina to inhibit the infection. After several hours I used to remove it and discard it
b) I stop sugar, fermented products and alcohol from my diet for several weeks because these foods actually feed the bacteria accountable for the vaginal infection
c) I consumed 4-5 cups of yogurt orally- I made utilization of probiotics variety with live cultures in it.
d) I used to have antiseptic vaginal wash twice a day.
e) I started taking fresh cranberry juice 3-4 times a day. On the occasions that I used traveling for work I used to carry cranberry pills which are easily available generally in most health food stores. That is very useful to balance the bacteria and flush out toxins from our body.
I sincerely followed these vaginal odor natural cures for around 10 days. At the end of the next week my vaginal smell had completely vanished and has not returned till date.
If you should be experiencing vaginal odor which smells unpleasant it can be very embarrassing. Fortunately there are many remedies available which will remove vaginal odor naturally from the comfort of your home.
What Are Some Natural Vaginal Odor Remedies?
The precise treatment to remove vaginal odor may differ for every woman depending upon what has caused the odor in the initial place. Here are some natural remedies for quick rest from the unbearable smell
1. Garlic is a superb natural remedy that has strong anti-fungal and anti bacterial properties. It may be taken in the proper execution of supplements or put into your normal food for oral intake. Alternatively you can take fresh garlic, wrap it in cheese cloth and use it in the vagina.
2. Tea tree oil also has anti-fungal properties and is extremely useful to eliminate vaginal smell. Although you can make utilization of friendly to the environment soaps of which tea tree oil is an element, the best way to put it to use is to utilize on the vagina. However for vaginal application you MUST make sure that you dilute the oil it with water before use.
3. Keeping the vaginal area clean and dry is one of many simplest natural vaginal odor remedies. Wear all cotton underwear which will absorb excess vaginal discharge which is often the cause of odor. Utilizing panty liners will also make sure that the odor is masked to a certain extent. Also keep consitently the pubic hair trimmed. Ensure sweat doesn't accumulate in the groin and vaginal area.
4. Lastly to remove vaginal odor naturally it is vital to drink lots of water. Water helps keep the vagina flushed of bacteria and other harmful organisms. It also helps flush away sugars which fuels vaginal infection.
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