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Chicago Lamp Recycling

If you wish to have some beautiful, groovy, colorful lamps for your house however you can't afford designer prices, I'm planning to show you how exactly to recycle old lamps so they look fantastic.
The very first thing you need obviously is an old lamp base and a lamp shade, preferably one that's light colored. Make sure your lamp base functions by putting a bulb in, plugging it in and switching it on.
It doesn't really matter if the bottom is made of wood, metal or ceramics, so long as its shape appeals to you. You might want to just clean the bottom up to bring it back once again to its former glory, or you may want to paint it. If it's ceramic, ensure you get the right form of paint (i.e. ceramic spray paint) otherwise it could flake off after having a while.
If you can't afford paints, one good trick would be to cover the bottom with components of colorful wrapping paper. Stick them on with high quality PVA glue and when dry, cover all of it with an obvious varnish. This can give the bottom both a good finish and good
Once the bottom is done, you can start to work some magic on the old shade. First, if the shade is dirty or stained, give it a great sponge wash with hot soapy water, sponge-rinse it and leave it to air-dry.
Next you may wish to find some off-cuts of light, colorful materials from a dressmakers'material shop, a market stall or even a haberdashery store. These is going to be useful for covering the shade.
Using a couple of pinking scissors, cut the materials into rough 2" to 3" squares. Then, 1 by 1, cover the reverse side of each square with your PVA glue and place it somewhere on the shade. Continue carrying this out until a lot of the lamp is covered. For just about any remaining sections of the lamp shade that haven't been covered, cut some of one's squares down to size to suit in to the gaps.
When you've finished this stage, you ought to have a beautiful patchwork aftereffect of different materials on the lampshade.
The final step would be to glue some edgings onto the most truly effective and bottom of the lamp. You can either do this with strips of material, or with tassels or fringes, again available from haberdashers and market stalls.
You is going to be amazed with the results. Congratulations, you've turned a boring, tatty old lamp into a thing d'art!
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