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Myspace Marketing and advertising : The best way to Get a great Avalanche Of Shoppers.

Some industry experts believe that Facebook marketing is going to be as large as Google marketing. If you haven't looked into Facebook or any of the other social media marketing marketing sites, you may be missing out.

It looks like every kind of business gets on-board with Facebook marketing. If your organization remains sitting on the sidelines, it's time for you to jump in and play. But before you obtain started, now is an ideal time for you to take a look at most of the ins and outs of social media marketing marketing.

Will Facebook Views Marketing Benefit Your Business?

Everybody has browse the articles, glossed on the tutorials and even watched a few of the how-to video guides on using Facebook marketing, but can there be any proof that it will in truth increase and improve your organization?

Take Your Marketing to the Next Level with Facebook states these fact about Facebook:


  • There are over 500 million active members currently using Facebook. Putting it into perspective, if Facebook were a country, it might have the 4th largest population on the planet.
  • Facebook has been translated into over 100 languages, penetrating nearly one third of the entire population.
  • Facebook's newest quarterly growth rates indicates that active user numbers have increased by over 25% in 47 countries.
  • Over 85% of American women have a social network profile, with 95% of these on Facebook.
  • More than half of everybody who shops online includes a Facebook profile.


While these numbers are huge you still have to consider whether Facebook marketing can work for your business. The solution is easy: it depends on you and everything you do with it.

Unlocking the Potential of Facebook Marketing

Even if you just consider the power that accompany the sheer volume of 500 million users, by bringing your organization idea or niche marketing project to Facebook, you will have a huge opportunity to be seen by more users than ever before. You can attract new users to become "friends", and turn those Facebook friends into promoters, supporters and eventually clients just by implementing a well-planned strategy. Here are some examples:


  • An online publication called "Social Media Examiner" was launched in November 2009 by Michael Stelzner. He decided never to launch his publication using any of the traditional marketing methods. Stelzner instead launched his publication only using social marketing networks and Facebook marketing and achieved a number one rating on Technorati for business blogs. By the finish of the initial quarter, there have been nearly 100,000 subscribers at the Examiner. Sound too good to be true? Yet Stelzner experienced a marked upsurge in sales and overall business.
  • Target is another exemplory case of moving far from sales flyers and traditional business promotions by launching a Party Planning Page. As a direct result of these marketing efforts, Target saw a 6% upsurge in sales. Actually, Target's Facebook Fan Page attracted 20% more direct hits by Facebook fans with their store. Additionally, those Facebook fans were found to have spent 33% a lot more than other forms of customers.
  • Morton's Steakhouse ran a Valentine's Day photo promotion on Facebook in 2009. Consequently, sales and overall business experienced a large difference.


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