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Instagram as a Shopping Platform


From being fully a media-sharing app for selfies and anything visually appealing, Instagram is branching out into the eCommerce field.

It will soon roll out a shopping feature which online stores and shoppers will see very convenient.

The social giant is virtually aware that mobile commerce is going to overtake PCs in two years’ time or even earlier, hence it wants to be among its cornerstones.

What's nice about Instagram's new feature is so it could serve as a marketing channel for your products, and even way more for your online store. As for your potential customers, they will have the ability to see and explore your products and never having to leave Instagram for another site. Visit Fast-Like US website they can help you to gain more instagram followers.

How to sell on Instagram

The normal Instagrammers among you will see Instagram's shopping feature super easy to use.

Now, if you're not a fan with this visual media sharing app, but looking into it as a possible revenue source, you just need to prepare high-quality photos which highlight your products.

To begin with, upload an image which features around five products that you're selling.

When an individual clicks on the tap to see products link at the bottom left of the photo, a label can look on each of the items, showing the product's name and price.

When they click a label, they'll be taken across to a full page that shows the complete description, special features and accessories-if you will find any-of a product.

While the client is there, they might prefer to click on the Shop Now link within the item details, that may redirect them to the item on your website where they can purchase it.

Know who buys from you

Instagram recently reported so it has hit 400 million daily active users, a lot of whom are prospective customers of yours.

Using Instagram's shopping feature offers you the opportunity to advertise your products and double your sales projection.

Regardless of increasing your sales, the shopping feature also offers you use of Instagram Insights which supplies crucial information that will help boost your marketing strategy.

Instagram Insights records your followers based on the demographic factors; in addition, it teaches you which of your posts draw their interest the most.

Most significant of, it enables you to see who buys from your store through Instagram's shopping feature and which of your products have high demand.

Isn't that something worth exploring for your organization?

Have you been already an Instagrammer or about to be one for the sake of selling more?

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