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To begin with, I would need to ask in the matter of why may you have to put a printed vinyl hail in a lake regardless? Is it exact to state that you are publicizing to aircraft that are flying overhead? Or, then again boaters going by on the lake or conduit or ocean? Or, then again are you anxious that it may remove your sweeping vessel (potentially it's accessible to be acquired and you have a standard annexed to the side of your craft). 
The reaction to that question, in any case, basically, is that while a banner is water-check, and in the event that it some way or another figured out how to be Dye sub stuck together in a cushion shape and pumped overflowing with air, it would drift, dropping a PVC standard into water and believing it would float - it won't. 
Regardless, I will express that PVC vinyl flags are characteristically water-affirmation and thus make a great impermanent out-of-doors publicizing banner sign and will continue going for an extensive time span and years in that utmost the length of it doesn't blow into the conduit or lake in your district. 
The things that pulverize a vinyl PVC hail the most quickly is bend, then sun. Sun is unavoidable and there's little you can do to secure your banner against the UV bars that will over the long haul cement the polymers in your flag material, regardless of the way that we've seen them last at least 10 years when presented so that the wind couldn't move the material much. 
Turn, of course, can hurt a banner quickly, particularly if not joined securely to a divider. Flags hung between articles are the most defenseless both to being hurt and to hurting the structure they're associated with. 
If a standard is joined to a pole, for instance, using a connection experiencing a post stash on top and additionally base of the flag, and it is excessively broad, making it impossible to hold up under much wind, a wind whirlwind could take out the weakest association in this set-up, which might be the pole, the connection or rope, or the banner. If the flag and connections are more grounded than the pole they're associated with, the post may get pulled over, making hurt anything in the way, for instance, an auto or a home or a building. 
There are materials that will empower a banner to have somewhat level of wind slippage. Punctured work vinyl guidelines have a free weave that has genuine holes in the flag, is up 'til now printable, yet allows up to 20% of the contort to experience the work. While I for one am not a devotee of work flags, it is better than whatever different choices. Have an energetic visit here for extra about these kind of banner introductions. 
The principle other wind slippage choice is cutting wind pockets into standard PVC flag material. With this procedure, a V-shape or U-shape is cut into the flag each a couple of feet which ought to empower bend to experience, however an impressive measure of these pockets will simply reduce the wind stack four to five percent, which isn't much, and it leaves a lot of ugly openings in the standard. Despise. 
Back to the primary question, notwithstanding. I've gotten off track a bit, however there's some awesome data here. Make an effort not to endeavor to use your vinyl flag as a vessel. It will sink. In a perfect world you'll find a better approach than use your flag.
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