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The customers' business center of Civil Aviation Administration of China(CAAC) disseminated the customers' assessment in 2008 starting late. The data showed up in most of the organizations of CAAC, voyagers have the most protestations on the organization when a flight is put off. 
On most of the examinations of organizations of transporter associations, the organization broadcasting live is presently the top, no.2 is air ticket offering organization; the explorers assessments are low on the organization on ground and when a flight is Top quality flight cases put off. The organization things that the voyagers might want to be improved are: information correspondences when a flight is deferred, the space between two seats, the combination and number of the sustenance served perceptible all around, getting packs on objective and so on. 
Concurring the estimations, the customer's satisfaction degree is 69.9 concentrations in 2008.The customers and explorers are basically content with the organizations of CAAC. If an explorer encounters an out of line circumstance when he takes to the plane, through what channels would he have the capacity to keep up his rights? By what means may he do that? 
On August fifteenth ,the essential in CAAC encouraged to the journalist, CAAC has private office responsible for this. CAAC released The Administration Regulation on Public Aviation Transportation Services Consumer Complaint. Exactly when an explorer protest to related division, it can be overseen concurring this heading. Starting late, the protesting cases CAAC gets each year has outperform 1000.The related branches of CAAC will consider each case imperative: they will reply to each invalid complaint, and deal with each significant protestation. 
There is another channel for explorers to keep up their rights, that is, "voyager talk with CAAC" organizations quality examination practices that CAAC has accomplished for consecutive 15 years. Right when explorers take flights China, they can fill as "voyager talk with CAAC", and express their appraisals. Besides, CAAC has set up CAAC customers' business website, do online organizations quality examination, execute online disagreements. This is the useful channel for CAAC clients to keep up their rights.
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