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Should I Trade Options or E-Mini Futures?

I was looking over several of the article directories inside the "day trading" section and found quite a lot of information on trading alternatives. On the other hand, there was clearly scant information about day trading stocks or e-mini futures. I have been stunned by this finding. While I write a lot about day trading e-mini futures, I very seldom go through the article in the directories. What a surprise to find such numerous articles about options, and especially, day trading options.

From the particular onset, let me say that on top of a 30 year career in investing, I am a very tepid lover of options, at best. Options do have their invest trading though, especially as hedges for positions as well as the stock market. For reasons I am going to discuss shortly, I have found these to be unsatisfactory instruments to day trade or trade it all, for in which matter.

I read several of the particular articles I referenced above just to ensure that I still understood options as i always have and it looks nothing have changed.

The same problems that have got plagued option
Online Day Tading for my entire career are in place. Judging by the sheer variety of articles, there must be a renewed fascination with options as a day investing, or at least a short-term trading vehicle. This trend confused me enough that we called one of my friends that is a broker and questioned your pet about retail traders and options as well as the problems they faced. He chuckled and explained they are just as difficult as at any time to trade.
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