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10 years ago if you had thought about projection, and projectors by itself you'd probably have thought about the cinema, perhaps the regular multimedia projector that provides low resolutions (typically the very best in those days was 640x480 - a resolution now beaten in most contemporary cellphones like the Apple iPhone). But within the last few 10 years technology manufacturers both big and small within the audio visual realm have been researching and developing the thought of a hand held micro projector.

The very first pico laser singapore of micro projectors were launched mid to late 2008/early 2009 and we are already just starting to see a trend of 2nd generation pocket projector's being launched, like the 3m mpro 120 and the AAXA P2 pico projectors. This highlights the increasing velocity of developments within the realm of micro projectors. While the very first generation of micro projectors offered limited resolutions all below 640x480, we are now just starting to see greater resolutions.

The second wave of micro projectors launched are featuring definitely better resolutions such as for example 800x600 and there are even hints of higher, near-HD resolutions. The technology behind these developments include laser based visual drivers, which couple red, green and blue lasers in to a single module along with a mirror based (MEM) system to offer a definite, bright and automatically focused laser projection. LCD based pico projectors have already been bolstered by the headlines that Syndiant, a tiny lCD producer based in the USA have managed to make some huge resolution lCD display's smaller than 1 cm in dimensions - these tiny displays enables microprojector manufacturers to produce higher resolution pico's in increasingly smaller sizes.

What then will the next wave of pico projectors seem like? 2010 is likely to be a great year for the pocket projector - with a HD micro projector that may easily fit into your hand quite prone to feature, a longer battery life can also be likely, powered by newer battery technologies like li-ion. Other features that may probably spring up in the next generation of micro projectors will soon be things such as wi-fi support, larger on gadget memory and increased brightness and contrast ratios. The 3rd generation of the handheld projector will soon be one truly epic gadget and the development round the technology will mean a lot more various kinds of gadget's will start using embedded pico projectors as they become smaller and better, don't be surprised if you view a net-book with a pico projector embedded by the finish of 2010! Micro projectors are likely to be the greatest technology of 2010, if you ask me!

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