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Dedicated Servers for Stream Hosting

If you are looking at establishing your personal audio or video podcast or perhaps a streaming internet radio station you will need to think about a dedicated stream server host provider. There are numerous too choose from but stick to those who specialize in streaming media.

Streaming Video

You may decide to stream audio or video or make the files designed for download from your own website and as everybody knows they could use up your memory in no time. Users is now able to broadcast from your home on their computers or musicians and radio hosts from their studios. Having a passionate server for streaming media becomes a viable way to store audio and video files away from the others of your business or personal files.

This is exactly why there are numerous different packages designed for dedicated streaming servers that could handle whatever type of media you want. Having a passionate streaming server that's configured for probably the most CPU and memory intensive applications allows you the confidence of uninterrupted broadcasting.

Breakthrough for Music Industry

Home DJ's are now able to broadcast in real-time to their listeners from their computer right through to the dedicated server and out to their listeners. Storing mp3 files on a passionate server allows listeners to play the files without saving them. Streaming server hosts can safely stop your stream and broadcast your saved playlists from their server through yours to your listeners 24/7 when you are not online.

Internet radio broadcasters do not have you can purchase or lease a passionate server. There are numerous specialized dedicated streaming server services that deliver audio in MP3 technology in a live situation or can deliver on-demand for archived broadcasts.

Some dedicated streaming servers support MPEG-4 video streaming where the user will need to have a streaming video player (free). Delivering real time media from the server over a network to a customer in real time does not allow the user to maneuver along the timeline at his own choosing.

There are certainly a few different streaming video systems but they all mostly incorporate a Flash Media Server 2, Flash-application that supports file playing and an ffmpeg video converter. It's because of this it is recommended as of this stage to really have a dedicated server strictly for streaming. Podcasters upload to the server where they await decoding to the FLV format for streaming. 

From a tiny home based internet radio station to a country-wide digital broadcast network, including fortune 1000 companies and CNN, dedicated streaming servers are the only method to store, process and stream audio and video.
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