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You will find two main kinds of HIV tests - the Antibody test, which will be cheap and created for routine testing and the Antigen test which detects HIV right after infection. You will find three main options to take HIV tests in the UK. They're Home, private or NHS screening. We investigate the 3 options to take the test.
HIV Home screening was launched in the UK in 2006. People collects a saliva sample and sends it to a lab to be analysed. The screening was basically banned because there was no counselling available. However, post test counselling is now available if the result is not "all clear ".The thing is that the test is less reliable a normal blood test, and a blood test with nevertheless be required to verify infection. The saliva test is less sensitive and is not apt to be in a position to detect a recent infection. In short the blood test is more reliable, and if you take the test with the NHS, the blood test can also be free. There is also a rapid hiv test that you can aquire that lets you take the sample and get the result in the home, however Avert, the international AIDS and HIV charity, reports that this test is illegal in the UK.
A private HIV screening costs from around GBP 100. The benefit of visiting a clinic is as possible ensure a reliable result. A positive rapid HIV result which could use either blood or saliva needs to be followed up by a confirmatory test.
Alternatively you can visit a walk in NHS GUM clinic for free and confidential screening. The NHS will perform a simple blood test, however patients in a higher risk group will also be offered the rapid HIV screening. A positive result from the NHS has the advantage of being able to offer good counselling and referral to specialist HIV clinics.
Based on the not enough progress in preventing the transmission of HIV infection and the truth that early recognition and treatment of HIV disease keeps people healthy longer, slows the progression to AIDS, and may prevent the unknown transmission of the virus to others, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) issued revised guidelines for routine screening for HIV infection in September, 2006.
Medical malpractice lawyers respond to medical negligence a person is suffering particularly those which were misdiagnosed with HIV. Human Immunodeficiency Virus cases all over the world are increasing every year and being diagnosed with it may be traumatic. It can produce a psychological impact to anyone particularly in his/her self-confidence in addition to self image.
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