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5 Features Of Good Email Verification Software

Email marketing is among the fastest and most reliable methods for reaching your target customers. Your email list is valuable and you have to guard it along with your might.

To guard your server domain from being blacklisted, send messages to invalid addresses and boost the performance of one's email campaign, you need to be cautious of the Email Verifier that you use.

Before you spend your money on a verifier, here would be the features that you ought to look out for:

Number of emails as possible verify

Different software programs have different capacities. You will find those who support hundreds and others support millions of emails. If your list is growing fast, opt for a verifier that is able to handle a big list. Good verifier software should manage to support up to a million emails in one single list.


It's impossible for a human to learn whether a message is valid simply by taking a look at it. To make your work easy and avoid wasting time on invalid emails, opt for verifier computer software with an integrated bounce handler.

Once you return your first email, the software will determine the emails which are opened and those who don't. In this way the software will determine the invalid emails and take them off from the list.

When you donate to a program, invest some time to see reviews of the many email verifiers. To save time and money, opt for a program that provides 100% accuracy.

Verification messages

In order to avoid looking suspicious in the eyes of your customers, you shouldn't let them know that you will be verifying their email addresses. This means that the verifier that you utilize should manage to do the verification secretly without letting the users know about it.

When you make a commitment, ask the responsible company whether they send emails to their users. When they do, you should steer clear of them as you may lose some of one's customers.

Greylisted emails

A significant amount of mail servers make use of the greylist technology to be able to prevent spam. Although, a few of the emails maybe marked as spam, they really aren't. Always ask the company what they do with the greylisted emails. An excellent company should allow you to easily see the greylisted emails in one single click.

Ease of working with it

As a company person, you have plenty of things that you need to complete; therefore, the verifier you utilize should make your work easy.

The software should allow you to feed it a file containing all the details: names, postcodes, email addresses, postal addresses and other details and get the same file as output with just one extra column that contains the results.

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