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There were some significant changes to the method of HIV testing in New York, all in an attempt to create it more readily available and as straight-forward a procedure as possible. Residents of New York may have seen that their primary physicians have been offering HIV testing more often. This could be simply because they suspect risky behavior, they usually recommend regular testing, or mainly because it's required by state law.
In an attempt to create anonymous hiv testing easier to acquire, New York and other states have required that any person between the ages of 13 and 64 seeking non-emergency care should be offered an HIV test. They are not required to simply accept the offer. However, if they will choose to have the test done the provider must cover some important details about the testing. They will explain basic facts about HIV and AIDS, the confidentiality of testing and, if the test should keep coming back HIV-positive, what steps can be used for treatment and management of the disease.
While it might seem difficult and unnecessary to allow them to cover these details with you, it's for your benefit and usually is not very difficult to complete. For example, when someone were to visit the Health department at 303 9th Avenue in New York, NY 10001, they could ask general questions about your sexual history to find out your risk level. It is very important that you are truthful in your answers to be able to establish the best testing option. Additionally, they may ask you for private information like a street address or ethnicity. These records is primarily used for statistical reasons and to prevent double reporting. As always, the info relating to your testing is to stay completely private and confidential.
In addition to the testing and reporting regulations for HIV testing in New York, you will even see that there are many options available for ways to get tested. The neighborhood health department (mentioned earlier as well as several other locations throughout New York) is almost always an available resource; however, the method is often more difficult than expected. A first-come first-served operation with limited hours of operation often leaves you in a waiting room for extended periods of time.
Testing throughout your personal doctor is also a great option, however many individuals are embarrassed to talk to their doctor about HIV or don't want the testing going on the medical records.
Lastly, you can get tested through online testing companies. The price varies, but generally you can get the collection done the exact same day you call and receive results within a few business days. With this method you'd most be visiting a generalized collection facility, like the one located at 269 W. 16th Street in New York, NY 10011. These locations usually do collections for nearly any blood and/or urine test available.
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