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acne scar treatment singapore

When acne has finally healed, it could be required for acne scar laser treatment normally times the scars which are left out are just as frustrating as the actual acne itself. While dermabrasion slowly slips out from the acne scar treatment spotlight, technology is quickly replacing the rather aggressive procedure with that of newer laser techniques.
There Are Several Popular Kinds of Lasers For Acne Treatment
Among the most popular kinds of laser light treatments uses what is referred to as a non-ablative laser. With this particular laser, instead of burning off the affected layers of the skin, it instead works its magic below the skins surface to both stimulate the production of collagen and increase the texture by firming it up. While this is great, this procedure does little as an acne scar laser treatment.
What's Actually Involved With Laser Acne Treatment
Laser-based acne scars laser singapore involve a surgeon employing a hand piece that's wand-like in form that works to burn off the scarred cells of the tissue without affecting the healthy skin around it. Once this is completed, new, healthy skin has the capacity to replace the previously scarred tissue. Since this can be a procedure that calls for extreme preciseness, the surgeon has the capacity to treat all of the affected regions of the situation skin.
The Two Types Of Lasers
Two forms of lasers are available in acne scar laser treatment. The first of that will be referred to as a YAG or Erbium laser. This laser produces energy at a highly precise wavelength that enables it to penetrate the skins layers. The heat generated by this laser then works by scattering to through the website, leaving normal skin unharmed.
How CO2 Is Used For Acne Skin Treatment
Another type of acne scar laser treatment is called a CO2 or co2 laser, a far more recent form of laser that's making its way through dermatological circles. This laser gives of tiny bursts of very good energy that essentially vaporizes the scarred tissue layer by layer. However, patients usually have to be qualified under particular medical parameters in order to undergo this procedure.
The surgeons who practice laser therapy are generally exceptionally qualified inside their field and have an artistic mastery that is needed to remove this type of acne scarring. While acne laser light treatments are generally rather expensive, they do in fact get the task done quite efficiently.
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