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Tips For Smoking Mistress Cams

Dating a married man is completely toxic. Consider that you are someone dispensable. Never assume that if he is having sex with you, he loves you and doesn't love her. Men can love their wives and sleep with someone else. Having an affair with a married man is not a game. It is a commitment with a very high price tag. With that being said, here are 20 reasons why you should consider being a mistress: 1. If you're okay that people are talking about you because you like being on the spotlight; hall of fame, then be a mistress. 2. If you like to settle with cheap hotels just to hide because both of you can't be seen in public, then be a smoking mistress cams.

3. If you're fine with drive-through food than dining at a nice and decent restaurant because again both of you can't be seen in public, then be a mistress. (I am not saying that drive-through is not decent, but a restaurant would be more considered romantic) 4. If you don't value or respect your parents, then be a mistress. 5. If you're okay that you will never be his priority, then be his mistress. 6. If you don't care about being called a "home-wrecker", then be a mistress. 7. If it is okay with you that both of you can be sued because you "love" him, then be his mistress. 8. If you want to be miserable, then be a mistress.

9. If you're okay about hurting someone's family, then be a mistress. 10. If you're okay with wasting your time on a nonsense relationship, then be his mistress. 11. If you're okay being left alone and broken in the end while he is going back to his "happy" relationship, then be his mistress. 12. If you're okay that you're preventing yourself from pursuing relationships that are fulfilling, then be a mistress. 13. If you want to be that "sex goddess", then be his mistress. 14. If you're too weak to protect your heart, then be his mistress. 15. If you're okay that the legal wife is threatening you all the time because you're ruining her family, then be a mistress. 16. If you're insensitive enough to not get hurt when he goes home and sleep beside his wife, then be a mistress. 17. If you're okay that you're dating a liar, then be a mistress. 18. If it's okay with you that someone is buying you off than committing with you, then be a mistress.

19. If you want to murder your self-esteem, then be a mistress. 20. If you're okay being an option, then you are certainly welcome to be his mistress. Remember that you will never get what you desire. It's similar to chewing a gum - it tastes good in the beginning, however, the act of chewing prepares your stomach for digestion and when the food doesn't arrive, you're left feeling hungry and aching for more. In the end, your stomach will be full of acid. Don't settle for an "empty plate" when you can have the full meal with someone else. I assure you, you will give up once you feel worthless.
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