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water filled cofferdam

At Dam-It-Dams our passion is and will be water filled cofferdams. We use customers each and each and every day to find the best application for what we're convinced is an incredibly versatile product. Our cofferdams are used for many different different applications and we thought it would be advantageous to outline some of the many advantages of picking a water filled cofferdam instead of other cofferdams on the market.
Benefits of Water Filled Cofferdams 
Cost Effective – Water filled cofferdam are much less expensive than steel-built dams. Whether it's the actual materials used to create the cofferdams or the labor involved to install them, water filled cofferdams are much more cost effective.
Reusable – Water filled cofferdams are also built using lightweight materials which are simple to relocate once a project is complete.
Less Reliance on Heavy Equipment – With steel-built dams, companies must often depend on heavy equipment. That is incorrect with water filled dams because they could easily be moved and positioned just before being filled up with water.
More Environmentally Friendly – Our cofferdams are designed using a geo-textile material which can be lightweight, allowing it to cause less impact to the landscape once it's been removed.

Temporary or Permanent Applications – Water filled cofferdams can be used as a temporary or permanent solution.
Extendable to Any Length – Thanks to an original connection collar, our water filled cofferdams can be extended to any length.
Expert Consulting from Dam-It-Dams
At Dam-It-Dams, we're often asked about advice throughout the cofferdam installation process. Due to this reason, we now offer consulting services during installation. This way you can purchase or rent water filled cofferdam materials from us and then we could arrive onsite to oversee the installation process. We'll use your crew to guarantee the cofferdams are installed correctly. This hands-on experience with our team of experts is likely to be invaluable for you and your team. When you can choose to purchase or rent our products without our consultation services, many of our customers are finding our advice to be very useful particularly when you're not well versed in how water filled cofferdams work.
Contact Dam-It-Dams Today at 810-695-1695
If you're enthusiastic about learning more about our water filled cofferdams, feel liberated to reach out to us today by phone at 810-695-1695. We would be happy to talk with you about your requirements and provide a totally free cofferdam quote. We anticipate working together with you soon.
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