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Of all types of gourmet nuts, pecans are one of the very most versatile and healthy for you. Often found in desserts, recipes, or as a fast snack, pecans are one of the few gourmet nuts grown in the United States. Let's have a closer look at pecans and their many health benefits...
Pecans: An Overview
Pecan trees are most commonly within the southern United States, and in the southwest, particularly in Arizona and Texas. Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Mississippi may also be known for their thriving pecan industries. Inside their natural state, they are included in a tough shell that protects the nut itself.
Most folks have enjoyed these nuts in buy wholesale nuts. Pecan pies are the most frequent, along side chocolate covered pralines, a mix of caramel, chocolate, and obviously pecans. They're also employed for an external coating for fish, with trout being probably the most popular.
More recently, you will find them as a crunchy ingredient in salads or in holiday stuffing mixes. At breakfast time, pecans are a fantastic addition to pancakes, as their taste blends particularly well with maple syrup. Their uses are many, as over 400 million pounds were consumed this past year in the United States, which produces about 80% of the world wide crop.
How To Store Pecans
Pecans can be easily stored in the refrigerator or freezer and will maintain their freshness. If refrigerated, store them in an air tight container or jar and they'll last about eight or nine months.
If you freeze pecans, we recommend a zip lock bag. You are able to thaw and freeze them without concern with spoiling. They'll remain fresh in the freezer for two years.
If you purchase them unshelled, just store them in a cool dry place. They'll maintain their freshness for a year.
Health Benefits Of Pecans
Pecans are one of the healthiest snacks you are able to eat. They are naturally sodium free and contain only unsaturated heart healthy fat. Further, they are particularly beneficial to your immunity system, while they contain zinc and vitamin E. Vitamin E is a natural antioxidant that helps prevent various types of diseases, like coronary and those affecting the cell system.
To be much more specific about their health advantages, you can find almost 20 different vitamins and minerals within this healthy gourmet nut. Among these are calcium, folic acid, potassium, zinc, and vitamin A. Also, they are a very low carbohydrate snack choice and contain no cholesterol.
A small number of pecans contains about 10% of the daily recommended quantity of fiber. That same handful will even supply you about 15% of the daily recommended quantity of protein. They are often recommended as a heart healthy snack, particularly for those worried about cholesterol levels.
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