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How To Gain Best Free Wordpress Themes

An interesting fact about the Best ​wordpress themes:

When I switched to the Enterprise theme for my offline business website, my conversion rates doubled, while website traffic remained the same.

Naturally, I'm fond of this theme given it's had this type of positive impact on my business.

It had been incredible what changing to the slick business theme did for my business. Mind you, the prior theme I was using was very dark - which I don't think many people like - at least they didn't in my own type of work.

StudioPress has taken an alternative road using their WordPress themes than other theme designers. They have a theme framework and then layer on "child" themes that deliver a higher amount of functionality and an ideal design for each site owner. They're essentially the true luxury type of WordPress themes for folks who want the absolute best (iThemes is achieving this as well).

The first cost of StudioPress WordPress themes might seem somewhat steep, but the capacity to purchase child themes to fully change the design of your site without touching the basic functionality is a great luxury. You can aquire the Enterprise WP theme today and then put it back with something fresh in per month or two.

Overview of the Enterprise WP Theme

This is a very functional theme which allows easy incorporation of video, images, and other interactive, attention-grabbing features. It can be utilized for a wide selection of businesses as well as informational and e-commerce websites. For e-commerce you may need a shopping cart plugin or service integrated.

Top features of StudioPress'Enterprise WP Theme

1. Slide show on your home page

The very first thing you find whenever you click into a web site designed with the Enterprise theme could be the large-sized slide show that may be created on the top frame of the page. You should use this area to flash a series of images or to show words that basically highlight and emphasize your organization, products, or services.

This slide show is mind-blowingly easy to create up. Simply install the WP-Cycle plugin, upload your images in the WP-Cycle plugin dashboard, and you're done.

2. Multi-widget webpage layout

Within the slide show are three side-by-side blocks to feature products or connect to other aspects of interest on the site. Underneath of the page is ready for whatever widgets you might need to install.

3. Six Page / Post layout options

You are given a choice of six different layouts to make certain you select an ideal for the style and your business. In reality, you can change layout options by post or page. Like, one page can be quite a three-column layout while another page just one column layout.


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