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The 7 Best Things About Marketing

The Boardroom is where the overall business goals are introduced, discussed, reviewed and approved, and yet quite commonly, a Board Director with a background in the function that's the muscle power of start a business developing corresponding strategies and tactics to reach these very goals- i.e.: Marketing- is completely absent.

Board Directors with the typical Financial, Operational or Legal backgrounds are not familiar with and therefore do not appreciate such vital activities as communicating directly with customers, developing brand image campaigns or conducting research on customer behaviour in order to determine how best to position the product- a Marketing professional however is.

Whilst Financial, Operational and Legal backgrounds are strong contributors on the Board, it's time for you to emphasise the missing gap: the strategy driving Marketing function. The root of the issue essentially boils down to an underlying misunderstanding and undervaluation of what a Marketing Board Director can contribute.

The time has essentially arrived at foster a culture that looks beyond the tainted reputation of gimmicks, give-aways, cheesy jingles and pretty pictures that Marketing has unfortunately gained through the entire years, and instead rebuild a good, respected reputation for the work as an arsenal of powerful, driving solutions for the ultimate good thing about the organisation; only then will the Board Members think that Marketing is an advantage in the Boardroom.

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