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Magento Commerce Review - The Best of Open Source E-Commerce


The organization behind this project is Verian who are leaders within the open source industry. They have created a shopping cart application that's feature rich out from the box and Magento Commerce has changed into a leading shopping cart application for open source e-commerce platforms. I recently reviewed Zen Cart writing about the Pros and Cons, and in the event that you haven't read the review, I would suggest having a view it to use it as a comparison.

An Overview Of Magento Commerce

As of the date of writing this e-commerce reviews, I have tested Magento Commerce version 1.3.1. It is one of many latest and strongest open-source e-commerce solutions that I came across.

They are a number of the features you may find within the box:

* Marketing Promotions and Tools 
* Analytics and Reporting 
* Search Engine Optimization 
* Site Management 
* Catalog Management 
* Catalog Browsing 
* Product Browsing 
* Mobile Commerce 
* International Support 
* Checkout 
* Shipping 
* Payment 
* Customer Service 
* Customer Accounts 
* Order Management

Rather than give rewrite the benefits of Magento Commerce has about their software, you can learn more and try out their demo on the website.

The Pros Of Magento Commerce

Clean And Modern Layout

The very first thing that caught my eye was how professional and modern the default template looked. It had been smooth and clean, that you simply may find across the board both on the leading end and within the administration section.

Easy Integration Of Layouts, Themes And Add-ons

The beautiful thing I enjoy about Magento Commerce is how easy it is to put in additional layouts and add-ons. When compared with other open source e-commerce solutions such as for example OsCommerce and Zencart, it is less complicated and doesn't require the shop owner to own prior programming experience. When you yourself have used WordPress, which is really a popular blogging tool you may find Magento's shop structure is very similar in it is visually appealing and easy to use. I genuinely believe that Magento was aiming to make a simplistic yet powerful solution for e-commerce business owners.

More Than 50 Payment Gateways Are Available For Integration

I have heard that numerous store owners lose sales because they may not provide a certain payment solution for their customers, or they've to modify payment gateways because their e-commerce solution was not compatible making use of their existing provider. With Magento Commerce you can rest comfortable whatever payment gateway you have, they probably contain it ready for you.

You Can Manage Multiple Stores From One Administration Panel And Product Catalog

This can be a more advanced option available for businesses with multiple ecommerce stores. Say you'd a camera shop and a guide shop. In most cases you would need to setup two separate systems and log into them separately to manage the stores. With Magento Commerce you can set them up all within the one system and manage all of your sales from one administration, still providing you the flexibleness of two stores. It saves time and additional resources yet letting you monitor and track sales all within one place.

An Option To Up Sell At The Checkout

Having this option alone increases your profits dramatically. Up selling, as I've discussed in a previous post is really a powerful way to increase your profits from a current customer by simply offering additional promotions or products. This could result in more money for your e-commerce business and having it automated, you have a quiet sales agent earning money for you.

Built-in Product Image Zoom Capability

Sometimes as a customer I am always attempting to see more finer facts about a product. Unfortunately not absolutely all e-commerce sites have the capability to show more or permit you to zoom in to the product. Magento Commerce now has that option built-in and it enables you to upload a high res photo to let customers zoom into the product while they're browsing. Imagine how it could have an affect on your own sales and increase your conversions!

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