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Learn the Proper Method to Manage Your Affiliate Programs Effectively


There has been a growth in the amount of online frauds committed throughout the last several years and it has resulted in marketers adopting stricter screening procedure for new affiliates being recruited in the affiliate marketing business.

Two Main Types of Frauds

There are lots of different types of frauds but the two most frequent ones involved malware and fraudulent purchases.

Malware - Anyone who has some ulterior motives in joining your target affiliate program could design a malicious software with the intention of hacking your personal computer system without your knowledge. When they gained access to your personal computer system, they simply installed a computer software that can help inside their fraudulent activities. Whenever a possible client clicks an affiliate link on your own website, your good link is then replaced with the fraudster's affiliate link.

Fraudulent Purchases - The fraudsters target affiliate programs offering products which are highly priced using fake credit cards to create these purchases. It may be difficult to avoid such frauds but you should at least identify some suspicious buying patterns like repeat purchases of the same product on a single day.

Better Communication with Affiliates

Sometimes fraud takes place right under your nose by your own personal affiliates. It is important to remain in regular contact with all your affiliates. In the end they are the ones who will work very difficult for your affiliate marketing business. During your communication using them you should always make it known for them that they may always approach you for almost any assistance that they require to aid your affiliate programs effectively.

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