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Laser hair removal manhattan

In the United States, removing hair permanently employing a laser may be the fastest growing non-surgical aesthetic laser cosmetic procedure. The amount of performed laser hair removal sessions is projected to cultivate 18 percent per year. What this means is there will be an estimated 6,000,000 laser hair removal procedures performed in 2010!

Traditionally, removing hair for beauty reasons is hottest among women-virtually all women over 12 years of age participate in the practice in some way, shape or form. Laser hair removal for men, however, is rapidly growing in popularity. More and more men seek lasting hair removal solutions - on the neck, to deal with issues of ingrown hairs, and on the chest, back and shoulders, mostly, for cosmetic purposes.

With the size of the customer market for permanent laser hair removal manhattan growing at such a fast rate, recently, we've seen new technologies coming out to simply help shoulder the load of the customer market. In this short article, I'll discuss two handheld devices, and provide points comparison with respect to professional medical lasers. But, first, let's discuss how laser hair removal works.

Laser hair removal works using laser energy, targeting the melanin in your own hair, to cause harm to your own hair follicles. Once damaged, the hair follicles will no longer produce new hairs. After a series of treatments the follicle basically dies and can't grow hair.

Formerly, the ideal candidates for laser hair removal have light skin and thick dark hair. However, laser technology has evolved and now, darker skinned and tan people can also see amazing results (using an Nd:YAG laser).

Some treatments are needed for a highly effective treatment as the laser is effective when it hits the follicle in its growth phase. Through the growth phase of the hair growth cycle, the follicle has probably the most melanin, that will be necessary for the laser light to target. Since each hair may be in an alternative growth phase at any given time, several treatments are required to make sure you the procedure hits all of the hairs in the right growth phase.

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