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Many companies who have customers sensitive information to them such as for example their social security numbers, credit card records, and other personal information so if they decide to up-grade their computer system they would like to make sure that once they recycle the old computers that all this sensitive information does not fall under the incorrect hands. The information that's in the disk isn't permanently removed if you do a very important factor and that's remove it deliberately yourself through 1 of 2 ways. Those two ways are:
• Degaussing-this is the procedure of eliminating or decreasing a remnant magnetic field such as the hard drive drive of your personal computer and wipes the media from it so it can be safely and securely disposed.. 
• Physical disk destruction-this is where you render the platters severely fragmented and the disk inoperable.
If you're concerned with any sensitive data being left on your own drive once you recycle after that it the physical destruction of the disk is the greatest way of protection. It can be referred to as drive shredding and is a secure means of disposal. By doing this you're eliminating confidential data by overwriting the deleted files. You wish to make sure that the data that you have erased from your hard drive can't be recovered anymore by anyone when you have deleted it.
When deciding to complete drive shredding you need to be careful about the type of software you employ to accomplish this task. In the event that you chose file shredding it allow you to pick the file you want removed and will only remove that particular file but nothing has been permanently removed and the file can be recovered. With drive shredding, or data destruction, it is the only method to eliminate completely any remnant data on a disk by utilizing methods to have the remaining data and which makes it unrecoverable by anyone else.
Some of the benefits of using drive shredding includes:
• It will remove any potential for your data ever being recovered 
• It will only touch your deleted files. 
• It provides you with increased data security because a shredded disk or drive can't be patched up and made functional again. 
• Helps to reduce the danger of getting improperly discarded hard drives.
Hard disk drive shredding is the greatest method to make use of, specifically for companies who are not planning to re-sell or donate their old computers and would like to recycle them and keep customers sensitive information out of the wrong hands.
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