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Losing hair is very traumatic and can affect a person's self confidence and personality. It is because appearance matters a lot in this competitive world and hair plays a major role in it and fittingly called the "crowning glory." Severe hair loss leads to baldness in men. Many remedies are available in the market but FDA has approved only two namely Rogaine and Propecia. But scientific research in the field has found aesthetic clinic singapore effective treatments that can control and cure hair loss.

Remedies for Hair loss

Depending upon the severity of hair loss and the type and cause, treatments are prescribed after medically examining the condition. A vast number of remedies are advertised and sold in the market all over the world. Some are in the form of lotions, hair oil and creams. Products for hair care like combs, brushes and massages. Shampoos and hair conditioners and herbal solutions are also found to be effective. Some pills are also available which control the hormone imbalance in the body and also to stimulate new hair growth. Other cosmetic treatments like hair weaving and bonding are procedures performed my hair care experts. The last resort is hair transplantation through surgery performed by qualified dermatologists to restore natural hair growth.

Information and solutions on the net

A wealth of information is available on the Internet for the benefit of people suffering from hair loss. Hair is a comprehensive source for hair restoration and hair transplant related information. It contains advice on hair restoration and answers to questions on hair restoration treatments and post restoration surgery care. Information on choosing the clinic and surgeon and about the costs involved is discussed. Guidance on selecting a good center with reputation and affordable charges and about what you should expect from the hair transplant surgeon. The information can be very useful for those who are left with the only option of surgery for their hair loss problem.

High-Tech procedures


Berkowits hair and aesthetic clinics, affiliated to Cindy cut International, the popular hair loss clinic in the US, offers high technique restoration solutions for incurable hair loss. Hair replacement here is totally non-surgical procedure that can be completed in just one hour. The hair fall is controlled by a non-surgical laser therapy.

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